When you’re looking for some deliciously crafted comfort food alongside an unparalleled cocktail or wine selection, there is no better place to explore than The Rare Bit in Dobbs Ferry, NY. Now, with the addition of curbside pickup and delivery, The Rare Bit brings its Wonderful culinary experience straight to your doorstep.

Curbside PickUp and Delivery: How The Rare Bit fits into Your Busy Life

No longer do you need to fight the hustle and bustle of dining out to enjoy the magic of The Rare Bit. They’re now offering curbside pickup and delivery for their savory family meals and irresistible, bar-crafted cocktails and wine selection. It’s great food and drinks without even leaving the comfort of your home or the convenience of your car.

A Taste you can’t Resist

Each menu item at The Rare Bit is a testament to the culinary prowess of their Executive Chef, Evan Kalogiannis. Famous for starters like the decadent Rarebit and Pete’s Meatballs braised in house-made tomato sauce, the menu is a tour through the best of innovative comfort food. And with main dishes like creole spiced Shrimp & Grits and a vegan-friendly Falafel, no culinary preference is left unattended.

Salads: Beyond the Ordinary

Do you think you know what to expect from a salad? Well, The Rare Bit likes to take a different route. Their Fattoush Salad comes with crispy naan replacing the typical croutons and a unique pomegranate molasses dressing. For the classic folk, there’s the Kale Caesar with a twist – crispy duck skin croutons anyone?

A Bit of Booze: Creative Cocktails & Wine

Designed to impress, the cocktail and wine list is an integral piece of The Rare Bit’s charm. The Dobbs Berry, a delightful blend of lemon organic vodka, raspberry vodka, and strawberry gin with a hint of citrus and a touch of seasonal fruits, is just one of the many expertly crafted drinks you’ll find.

Taking on Vegan and Gluten-Free Like a Pro

Satisfying dietary constraints is not an afterthought here. They in fact, excel at it, offering vegan and gluten-free options, such as the Falafel served with lemon cabbage salad, tahini sauce, and cilantro. Other options can be requested to make sure everyone can find a bit of something they love!

The Rare Bit: A Bit of Home

Supporting local and keeping to the roots, The Rare Bit is an expression of love for its hometown, Dobbs Ferry, and a gift from its owner/operator Scott Broccoli. It’s a place where comfort food, gourmet flavors, and a community-oriented spirit perfectly blend. And remember: if you’re busy or prefer to enjoy its culinary delights at home, The Rare Bit is more than happy to cater to those needs too!

At The Rare Bit, it’s a bit of food, a bit of booze, and a whole lot of fun – now extended to your home with their remarkable curbside pickup and delivery service.

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Remember, a good meal is a rare bit, and The Rare Bit is definitely worth it!